Marciano Li-A-Young

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About me

Marciano Li-A-Young

Managing Partner OTNV, Serialpreneur, CEO Dii Lucrii Holding

Result driven entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in guiding entrepreneurs and startups. Marciano is a managing partner at OTNV, a leading management consulting firm in the Caribbean and the CEO of Dii Lucrii Holding NV. Dii Lucrii consists of companies in the field of ICT, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Trade, Retail, Freight Forwarding and Logistics and offshore manpower support.

As an entrepreneur, Marciano has had his share of business failures and successes, ultimately leading to the companies currently in the holding. These various companies represent partners from the United States, Austria, Curacao and more and serve clients in Suriname, Guyana, United States and Curacao. Marciano is a certified John Maxwell trainer and coach, he is certified by Ken Blanchard and by Culture Partners, all global brands in the field of consulting, training and coaching.

He is 43 years old, born in Nickerie and married to Nancy, an entrepreneur as well.